Works of enamel-ceramic


Pictures painted with enamel-ceramics paint can bear the changes of temperature between -40C and + 1200C without any material detriment. Its refraction coefficient is high, it is wear-resistant, water-repellent, and it resists the gases and acids emitted by cars.

The large-scale, unique enamel-ceramic pictures of the artist decorate the façade of School no. 1. of Sarkad, the headwall of the Assembly Hall of the Calvinist College in Debrecen, the headwall above the baptizing table of the Catholic Church in Sarkad, and also the tabernacle of the Máriaremetei Cathedral in Budapest /its title is: The Deposition of Jesus Christ from the Cross./ On the façade of the former civic school of Sarkad is the picture depicting the coat of arms of Hungary, which was made together with his son, Tibor Kesztyűs painter, and there is a mural picture on the inner wall of the Újpesti Fészekrakók Háza (Újpest House for Nestbuilders).

The enamel-ceramics portrait depicting the deceased person /persons/ and flower-piece, for which it is no problem whether it is raining or snowing, or if it is nipped by frost, because tombs embellished this way can not sustain damages in any of the seasons.

Enamel-ceramic paintings