Ferenc Kesztyűs, the leader of a workshop shaping visual arts - besides his creative work - was the demonstrating art teacher of a downtown school in Irányi street, Budapest, where he conducted four courses for artists. He has discovered, taught and directed many talented students to comprehensive schools and colleges of fine arts and applied arts from there and from his private school. His ex-students often have joint exhibitions with their former master. He continuously arranges and opens exhibitions for them - and also for other artist - in galleries and dignified saloons. He regularly takes his students and ex-students to artistic camps in the summer, where under his guidance they, together with artists from Hungary and abroad, can create without having to worry about anything else, and exhibit their works at the end of these camps. /The Blue DanubeHotel in Ráckeve etc./

As the art teacher of the Fáklya Club for Teachers - where for a short period of time he was the manager of the collective studio of the art teachers in Budapest - has taught the art of painting screens and manual painting of textiles. A number of his students were and are employed as textile-designer artists at companies manufacturing textiles, or have become private textile-painting artists or outworkers for boutiques.

Most of the names of his former students - no matter which part of the world they currently live in - can be found in a number of encyclopaedias. /Tibor Kesztyűs is the assistant manager of the workshop, while some of its members are Gábor Záborszky, Zoltán Hus, András Bozzai etc./