His name is well-known in connection with a number of national, international, individual and grouped exhibitions. He has introduced himself on several continents with his paintings, graphics and caricatures painted with oil-, and enamel-ceramic and silicone artistic paint a number of times, and many museums and art collectors treasure his works in Hungary and also in abroad.

Three times he has been awarded with a silver medal at the international graphics- and humour-biennale in Italy, Ancona, has been awarded with an international bronze medal number at an international in Havanna, Cuba, and has received a number of diplomas in Montreal /Canada/, Guadalajara /Mexico/, Gabrovo /Bulgaria/, Prague /the Czech Republic/.

He had an independent exhibition, amongst others, at the Ikebana Gallery in Paris, the Hungarian Embassy in Bonn, in Budapest Vigadó Interior Milieu, has a permanent exhibition in the Ferenc Kesztyűs Showroom of the Hotel Taverna, the Pacsirta Restaurant, in the Karmelita building of the Budapest Castle, in the Glas Haus in Bangkok, Thailand, and at the Imperial Queen’s Park Hotel.

He has a permanent exhibition at his private gallery, and also in Ráckeve, at the Blue Danube Wellness Hotel.

It took him four years of continuous experimenting to work out his painting and the technology of painting with enamel-ceramic and silicone artistic paint, which is a brand new technology of universal painting /panel picture/, becoming the architectural decorative motif in the case of outer and inner mural pictures.

He has been working for many years as a decorative painter, gold-plater and fesco painter in the building of the Parliament, the Opera-house, the Operetta-theatre, the Moulin Rouge, the Amusement Park, and the Szent Család és Örökimádó church.

He is the founder of the Art Museum in the town of Sarkad, he gave inspiration to the foundation of Iskola (school) Gallery, where he was the first one to exhibit, he was the co-founder of the Büki Art Museum. He was the co-founder and the artistic director of the Oszkár Glatcz Free Academy of Fine Arts, the international Artistic Camp in Buják, and the EU Artistic Camp in Ócsa. He is the founder and director of the Artistic Camp in Ráckeve. He is a member and exhibiting artist of the Universal Hungarian Fine Arts Association in Stockholm. He has arranged and opened the exhibitions of several artists at the galleries managed by him: Sissi, El Kalászi, Hricsovinyi, Parlament, EMKE etc.

He has been evaluating works remaining in Hungary and sent to abroad for decades together with dr. Gábor Pogány, the director general of the Hungarian National Gallery, dr. Rezső Szíj artistic writer, Tamás Sípos art historian, and other renowned artists, such as Attila Büki, Tamás Horváth Szamosi etc. For eight years he was the chairman of the jury, and he was the one to open the international exhibitions arranged for the works of nursery-school children at kindergarten No. 4. in Sarkad. He was the founder, later on the secretary-general, and finally the chairman of the Independent Hungarian Salon Fine Art Association of the Independant Salon in Paris, ha was the one to open its exhibitions in Hungary and abroad alike, and he published its catalogues. More information can be found about his works in folding albums, newspapers, magazines, in the Who is Who in Telecommunications? encyclopaedia, the Encyclopaedia of Babits Publishing House, the encyclopaedia of the Hungarian Painters and Graphic Artists, the Encyclopaedia of Contemporary Hungarian Arts, the Encyclopaedia of European Arts, the CD-ROM of the Encyclopaedia of Important Persons, in Who is Who in Hungary?; the Biographical Encyclopaedia of Prominent Hungarian Persons, and in the I Should Know, Because I Am Hungarian: the Encyclopaedia of Hungarian Inventors etc.